Full disclosure:
We disclose everything. In full.

Nature Clean® defines natural as being derived from plants and minerals. Which is exactly what our products are. They’re as natural as they come.

Products with nothing to hide.

We strongly believe you should know what goes into the products you bring into your home. That’s why we provide a complete list of ingredients on every Nature Clean® product label. We even list the ingredients that comprise less than 1% of the formula! Most companies will only list blanket terms like ‘preservatives’, or ‘fragrances’ making it unclear as to what’s really going into their products.
Did You Know?
Not only do we list all of our ingredients, we use the proper International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) so you can easily research them. Currently, listing the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) is not required for cleaning, laundry or dish products. But that’s not stopping us from being transparent!

Preserving nature.

Preservatives in food get a bad rap, but the fact is, with some natural cleaning products, you need them. That’s because products made with more naturally derived ingredients can become “milder” to microbes and may even become food for them. A cleaning product contaminated with growing microbes can develop bad odors and lose its ability to clean. That’s why some of our products contain a small amount of preservatives to ensure our products remain effective while also preventing the growth of bacteria that could be harmful to people. At Nature Clean®, we continue to diligently investigate healthier alternative preservatives for our products. To learn more about the ingredients we use and the ones we never will, head over to our Better Ingredients page.

Our Gluten Free Commitment.

As gluten intolerance and wheat allergies have become more common, many are choosing to eliminate gluten from all possible sources, including household cleaning and cosmetic products. All Nature Clean products are Gluten Free. They have been tested at a 3rd party independent lab to the same criteria limit used for gluten free food.

We Care

Since 1963, we’ve been on a mission to provide healthier solutions for your family, your home and our planet. But our mission doesn’t stop there. At Nature Clean® we understand the importance of giving back and supporting our community.

Our badges of honour.
AKA our certificates.

great for cold, warm, hot water
made by really nice canadians
safe for infant clothing
Gluten Free
dermatologist tested
septic tank and grey water safe